Gilded Treasures

Immerse Yourself in Naturise's Refined Toor Dal

Embark on a culinary odyssey with Naturise’s meticulously curated Toor Dal, stripped of its husk to unveil a velvety texture and rich aroma. Sourced from esteemed farms, our toor dal undergoes a careful selection process, ensuring optimal quality and purity. Whether blended into hearty soups or seasoned for aromatic dals, these pulses promise to infuse every dish with depth and flavor.


Available in 500gm, 1kg packs, and bulk gunny bags.


Bursting with essential nutrients like protein and fiber, our huskless toor dal offers a plethora of health benefits, supporting digestion and overall well-being. Embrace the golden richness of our dal to elevate your culinary ventures with a touch of sophistication.