Naturise believes that nutrition and taste go together – you can taste the aroma of flavors of naturally grown and reared ingredients. 

We believe in knowing our product, and passing this information to our customers.  Naturise works in partnership with our passionate suppliers from farms and producers across India. They not only produce such great healthy food, but also display great integrity in their practice of production, manufacturing and processing. Committed to produce finest quality of food products for your family. 

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We have a special division for supply of all kinds of high quality products to hotels, restaurants, hypermarkets, supermarkets, catering etc. as per the requirements of the customers. We have storage capacity of more than 150,000.00 sq ft. next to Jebel Ali Port for efficient storage and supply of all foodstuffs.

We directly source all of our premium quality ingredients from suppliers and not with middlemen. This practice allows us to scrutinize the product, ensuring that the best reaches for us to manufacture the unique product. We regularly review our carefully selected ingredients from manufacturers to ensure food safety regulations and our set standards are met. Have strict quality requirements which range from segregation, coding, packing until it goes into processing and final product packaging. Prepared at facility of high hygiene standards.

To inspire more people to embrace an organic lifestyle, Naturise set out to make healthy food easily accessible with reasonable pricing. We believe an lifestyle is not only for one’s health, but also to contribute an extra ounce of effort for our Mother Earth. At Naturise, we always nurture and create a feel of responsibility towards promoting an lifestyle to more individuals so that we can reap the benefits of food together. Naturise products are a delicious part of a healthy lifestyle that embraces wholesome goodness and a sustainable planet. Specializing in organic, gluten-free and whole rice products, we are in process to offer more products for your enjoyment every year.

We have at the heart of our business philosophy that you, the consumer, should be empowered with knowledge in cultivating good health and growth. Educating consumers on health benefits of such food products and to make the right decision in the items they select is a major focus of our vision.

It is our firm belief that the pursuit of grocery buy should not compromise our health. We will only represent products which we will consume ourselves and our families, so you can rest assured that we employ strict criteria in our product selection, making, packing and will always prioritize your well-being before profit. We know it’s difficult to wade through the literally thousands of supposedly natural products on online portals like Amazon, Snap deal etc., so we’ve edited our favorite brand “Naturise” to bring you only the very best. Hope you will enjoy them as much as we do!